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To be a primary supplier of Powder Activated Carbon (PAC) to power plants that currently inject high grades of PAC into exhaust streams to comply with federal and state air emission standards, particularly to remove mercury.  Clear Carbon is a direct supplier to plants and other PAC distributors.


ARTi has refined its proprietary manufacturing process with advanced automation and controls that result in an efficient, scalable and autonomous biochar production system.  Bernardo del Campo co-founded ARTi and serves as its President and CTO.  He performs a parallel CTO role for Clear Carbon to maximize the effectiveness of ARTi’s technology to produce Powder Activated Carbon.  He holds a Ph. D. in mechanical engineering from Iowa State University and is the liaison to other ARTi stakeholders with mechanical and electrical Ph.D. credentials.

Who We Are


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to join as a development partner to deploy more environmentally-friendly filtration solutions sourced from local biomass!

Clear Carbon, LLC is a business venture of Jason Berger and Bernardo del Campo, principals at North American Minerals Corp. and Advanced Renewable Technology International (ARTi) respectively. 

Mr. Berger heads North American Minerals Corp., an internationally recognized Iowa-based commodity import/export business for over 24 years located in West Des Moines, IA.

ARTi was formed in 2013 by a team of graduate-level and other students attending Iowa State University, and has subsequently refined its Prairie City, IA manufacturing processes to make high-grade activated carbon.

Clear Carbon engages Todd Kielkopf at Kielkopf Advisory Services, LLC as its Business Management Director.  Mr. Kielkopf has over 17 years of employment experience and board-level leadership positions in the wholesale and retail power industry.  Kielkopf Advisory Services, LLC has been a Des Moines, IA area-based advising service since 2011.