Eco+Char is part of a new line of ultra-adsorptive carbons, featuring domestically produced, renewable, biomass-based carbons that have a unique carbon structure for increased absorption performance.

Eco+Char is manufactured from high purity hardwood in a novel pyrolysis process to produce a carbon product with high surface area, high diffusion rates and absorptivity of dissolved organics, nitrates, phosphates and VOCs. 

High Grade Eco+Char PAC is finely ground to particle size 20 um for maximum adsorption capacity and kinetics.  Quality is assessed for carbonization, activation, sizing and adsorption in conjunction with a university partner. These quality control measures ensure accurate specification of products.

Highly developed meso-pore and micro-pore structures lead to enhanced absorptivity and faster uptake of undesirable compounds.

Exceptional carbon purity yields a highly adsorptive, high value, activated carbon.

Use of High grade PAC Eco+Char as part of an in situremediation project can reduce toxicity of organic compounds to microbes present in the soil, enhancing bioremediation activity levels.

Eco+Char is a line of new ultra-absorptive carbons offered by Clear Carbon, a Midwest-based provider of high-grade Powder Activated Carbon (PAC). 

Domestically produced from renewable biomass, Eco+Char features a unique carbon structure for increased absorption performance. Independent lab results confirm that Eco+Char meets power industry specifications for mercury mitigation, with additional testing and analysis planned to tailor Eco+Char to meet mercury compliance needs at specific plants.

The combination of biomass carbon sources at more-localized production facilities allows Clear Carbon to deliver PAC at significantly lower prices than current providers.    Our technology also allows Clear Carbon to customize Eco+Char’s properties, enhance performance, and meet specific plant requirements.

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Introducing Eco+Char