Clear Carbon joined the Technology Association of Iowa to help support the Iowa S.T.E.M. community and tech-enabled local economy.  Clear Carbon principles are actively engaged with ISU research and development teams, the EMERGE@SimpsonCollege entrepreneurial program, the Drake University Lorentzen Student Hatchery, and other Iowa technology initiatives.  "Clear Carbon's and ARTi's technologies are deeply based in S.T.E.M. fields, so it makes sense to give back to local programs that support the next wave" reports Todd Kielkopf, Business Mgt. Director.

Clear Carbon was awarded economic incentives by the Iowa Economic Development Authority to deploy biomass-sourced activated carbon. Innovative production processes that are being refined by the company have the capacity to serve the U.S. power industry by using renewable sources. "The extensive vetting process involved with this award validates Clear Carbon as a P.A.C. provider and we are pleased to be recognized for our innovative filtration solutions." says CEO Jason Berger.  Contact Jason or Todd Kielkopf for more information about pilot testing Eco+char.

Economic Development Award

July 2016-